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Millennial Moms have more social network accounts and spend more time on their social networks than moms overall. Have 3.4 social media accounts, on average (vs. 2.6 for moms in general). Spend an average of 17.4 hours per week with their social networks, 2 hours more than they spend watching TV and nearly 4 hours more than the average mom spends on social networks.

Much is written and portrayed about Millennial Moms frantically but adeptly juggling motherhood and careers.

With such diverse daily experiences, it is not surprising that Millennial Moms are more likely than the average mom to feel overlooked by advertisers. 30% are employed full-time and 35% are self-identified homemakers. 42% believe that “most advertising and marketing is not geared toward women like me” (vs. 36% of moms in general)-KRS RESESRCH